La Crosse, WI House Concert!!!

Sunny Sweeney
Sunny Sweeney

Saving Country Music writes;

“How the hell did we get to this point where the predominant performers in country music are these namby-pambys in designer jeans tractor rapping about their damn trucks, and powder-puff pop castoffs cooing about their stupid boyfriends? Country music is supposed to be the spot on the dial for regret, self-loathing, and brutal honesty—where the broken-hearted and the thrice divorced go to commiserate. Screw your dumb keg party in a cornfield.

Lucky for us, Sunny Sweeney has come in like a counterbalance with her great new album Married Alone. It’s country. The stories cut to the bone. From one night stands, to waning love, to loveless marriages that have lost all hope, it’s country music for adults, but adults that are still trying to get the hang of adulting. It’s also for people who just love kickass songs that are actually country.”

2 thoughts on “Sunny Sweeney Live Feb. 21, 2023!

    1. Sorry to say that we have sold out. If there is a last minute cancel I could get you in. Call me at (608)385-4655

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